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1999 Commonwealth Technical Services, Inc. Last updated on Tuesday, 11-Sep-2001 22:38:23 EDT.

08/10/2001 - Network upgrades complete

As a part of our ongoing process to improve service and quality, we are pleased to announce the completion of several key upgrades that have been in the works for the past several months. First, the replacement of our core router which has about 10 times the capacity of our old core router has been completed. In addition, we have doubled the amount of bandwidth available on our primary backbone connections giving room for additional high-speed services, increased speed for existing users, and additional redundancy in case of network outages. Second, we have completed the migration to the latest RedHat Linux 7.1 & 7.0 operation systems on all of our primary servers. These upgrades allow for increased capabilities, performance, and stability as well as provide increased security for users and data. A new T1 cross-connect facility has also been installed, allowing for fast turn-up of new T1's as well as providing redundant paths for quick troubleshooting and problem isolation. Also, some new anti-spam features have been enabled on our mail servers to further limit the amount of abusive email coming into our network. With the recent opening of our new sales office near Chesterfield Courthouse, we have expanded our infrastructure further to provide interoffice communications between our office and our datacenter as well as we are able to provide services from our new office that may reduce costs for some customers in the southern Chesterfield area. Finally, our nationwide services have been expanded further with the addition of 2 new network backbones to choose from, giving us the ability to provide services from over 4,000 POP's throughout North America. We believe that these improvements and expansions will work to improve service quality, availability, and value to our customers and potential clients and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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