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Service Offerings/Internet Services/Optional Services/E-Mail to pager service

Now you can receive email messages on your alphanumeric pager, even if your pager service does not support it, or it is too costly. Our email to pager service gives your alphanumeric pager a real Internet email address. Now, you can give everyone with email access the ability to contact you quickly and easily. Even if you do not have a computer or Internet access, you can still take advantage of the power of email by using your alpha pager with our service.

Some highlights include:

  • Low cost: Only $5/month or $49/year, and there are no set-up fees or maximum message fees (*)
  • Ease of use: anyone with Internet email can send a message to your pager. No operator assistance, no proprietary software, no long-distance calls.
  • Reliability: As a Commercial Internet Provider, CTS already operates a robust, well supported network ensuring maximum uptime and reliability. Also, our email to pager system sends a confirmation email message in response to each message sent, so the sender knows whether the page was successful or not.
  • Support: We provide technical support on all of our network services.

If you are ready to get started with this exciting new service, simply give us a call at 804-768-6707 to sign up or add this service to your existing account. Please be prepared to give the representitave that takes your call your pager type, pager number/PIN, the name of your paging service, and the IXO/TAP telephone number of your paging service. If you are not sure of the IXO/TAP number, we can help you with that. If you have further questions, feel free to give us a call or email us for more details.

(*) Please note: some paging companies charge for text messages, we are NOT responsible for those charges. Please confirm the costs for text messages with your pager service company. Also, this service is NOT intended for use in life-threatening or other emergency situations. We do not guarantee delivery of messages and we do not have control over all aspects of message delivery. Other restrictions may apply.