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Why should I buy a custom system?

A custom built computer has many advantages over a pre-built system that you might buy in a store. First of all, with a custom system you get the hardware that YOU want, not what they want you to have. This gives you the ability to pick and choose the individual components you require or like to fit your particular application. Secondly, you can get the software that you want, instead of buying a system loaded with junk you will never use. When you get software on a system from us, it's individually installed and configured for your system and carries all disks and manuals and you get to register it in your name. Third, you can be sure that your system is non-proprietary which makes it completely upgradeable and repairable by ANY computer shop or you can order the parts and do it yourself. You will not be stuck having to buy overpriced upgrade or repair parts from the original manufacturer.

Basically, a custom system is just that. Its built for you and your needs. If you're convinced that you need a custom built system, check out our FREE custom system designer and be well on your way to the computer of your dreams. If you still need more info, please email us and one of our systems engineers will get back to you.

The best thing of all about custom built systems, they don't cost any more than pre-built systems in most cases!